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World-Wind Logistics & Freight

About World-Wind Logistics & Freight

In 1996, a 33-year old freight forwarder with a mere 6 years in the industry convinced a long-time bookstore manager & owner that freight was really ‘where it was at’. They applied for the “Young Entrepreneur” loan program (limited to applicants under 34 years of age) with the Quebec Government, with the dream of starting a Freight Forwarding company.

They were accepted in early 1996 and began their enterprise in May of that year with a loan that would cover the cost of less than 10 container imports!  A carpenter friend thereafter joined the two, proving that quality service comes from all walks of life and professions. Other wonderful colleagues joined as the company grew and most remain with World-Wind Logistics & Freight to this day.

World-Wind Logistics & Freight has endured and grown over the years, collaborating with some of the biggest employers in Quebec and Canada, in order to deliver their freight in a timely, economical fashion – similarly we have taken care of our small and medium-sized clients whom we value as much as any larger-sized firm.

As a client of World-Wind Logistics & Freight you can expect a very high level of service.

World-Wind Logistics & Freight Advantages:

  • Ocean & Air Freight: Over the past decades we have transported by air and sea a cornucopia of products ranging from garments on hangers to pharmaceuticals, wine, coffee, sail boats, armaments, rolls of fabric, apparel, reefers of food products, armored vehicles, aluminum smelting components, flight simulators, 60 meter high wind turbines, curling stones, billiard tables, antique cars and a vast amount of consumer products – all of which we handle with the same degree of care.
  • Trucking: Operates as a trucking broker for most types of modes of road haulage across North America including standard Full Trailer Loads (FTL), Less Than Trailer Loads (LTL), containers, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds and low-beds.
  • Cross Trade: ‘Cross Trade’ or ‘Drop Shipments’ are shipments from one country to a second country often as inputs for manufacturing for which the transportation is paid for and directed from a third country such as Canada or the US.

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