Emery Air Supercharges Ground Handling Operations with PayCargo for Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Emery Air, a ground handler at Rockford Airport, has successfully optimized its payment processes and improved operational efficiency through its strategic partnership with PayCargo. This collaboration has proven to be immensely beneficial for Emery Air, allowing them to streamline their financial transactions and revolutionize the way they conduct business.


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Founded in 1958 as a flight school at Rockford Airport, Emery Air has since evolved into a full-service FBO with a significant presence in the aviation industry. Their pivotal role in providing ground support for UPS, handling over 2.7 billion pounds of cargo, and partnering with Amazon in airfreight operations showcases their remarkable journey of growth and adaptability. Emery Air’s story is a testament to their commitment to efficiency and excellence in the world of aviation and logistics.

Emery Air Payment Challenges

Emery Air faced payment challenges due to credit card terms and their focus on charter flights. These issues led to cash flow problems and intricate payment reconciliations. To overcome these challenges, Emery Air sought a solution to streamline payments, enhance financial stability, and simplify reconciliation processes. This was crucial to ensure consistent cash flow and financial accuracy, ultimately improving their ability to serve charter flight clients effectively.

Adopting PayCargo

By adopting PayCargo as both a vendor and payer, Emery Air initiated a transformative shift in their payment operations, effectively addressing the challenges they had been facing. Serving as a vendor on the platform, Emery Air streamlined their invoicing and payment-receiving processes, ensuring a more stable and predictable cash flow. As a payer, the platform enabled them to effortlessly process payments to partners and vendors, simplifying their financial transactions and promoting trust and transparency. This strategic decision not only resolved their payment-related issues but also showcased Emery Air as a forward-thinking and dependable presence in the aviation industry, equipped to serve their clients with heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits and Results

  • Streamlined Payment Processes: Through the implementation of PayCargo, Emery Air experienced a remarkable transformation in their payment processes. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features allowed for the effortless handling of payments from all their clients. Manual reconciliation tasks, which had once been time-consuming and error-prone, became a thing of the past, greatly improving operational efficiency. With PayCargo, Emery Air not only simplified their payment procedures but also enhanced the accuracy of financial transactions, ensuring that payments were processed swiftly and accurately. This newfound streamlined approach not only saved valuable time and resources but also bolstered their reputation as a company committed to delivering efficient and reliable services to their clients in the aviation industry.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By streamlining payment processes through the PayCargo platform, Emery Air is poised to unlock enhanced operational efficiency. The simplified payment procedures enable Emery Air to redirect their resources and attention to their core ground handling services. This, in turn, empowers them to deliver even more timely and specialized freight handling, catering to the unique needs of their clients. The reduction in administrative burden and the elimination of manual reconciliation tasks free up valuable time and resources, allowing Emery Air to concentrate on what they do best: providing top-notch ground handling services. This prospective shift is expected to optimize their service delivery and bolster their reputation as a provider of choice within the aviation industry.

  • Positive Experience and Referrals: Emery Air has had an outstanding experience with PayCargo. not only has PayCargos Platform streamlined Emery Air’s payment processes but has also become a powerful driver for the partnership’s growth and success. His positive encounter with the platform has made him a passionate advocate, and he has become a valuable source of referrals within the aviation industry. Word of mouth is a potent tool in the business world, and Joe’s recommendations have not only bolstered Emery Air’s reputation but have also brought in new clients and partners. This virtuous cycle of positive experiences and referrals has created a mutually beneficial relationship, reinforcing Emery Air’s commitment to delivering excellent services and fortifying their collaboration with PayCargo.


Through PayCargo, Emery Air streamlined payment processes, enhanced operational efficiency, and strengthened their partnership. This enabled them to refocus on core ground handling services, ensuring timely and specialized freight handling. This optimization solidified their reputation as an efficient industry leader, reinforcing their influential presence in aviation.