How to Become a Same Day Release Vendor

With a PayCargo Vendor Account Guaranteed Funds to Release Same Day

Why become a Same Day Release Vendor ( SDR)?

PayCargo guarantees the Vendor will receive the funds immediately with the commitment to release the Customers’ Cargo the Same Day.

How does Same Day Release Vendor (SDR) work?

The Vendor will be receiving the Transaction Approved email alert after a Transaction is Approved by the Payer. PayCargo will debit the Payer for the amount owed and credit the Vendor.

When does the Vendor receive Payment from the Payer?

It is a guarantee that the Vendor will receive the funds regardless of the type or how the customer’s payment is processed. The Payment will reflect the next business day if the transaction is done before 6 pm the prior day.

How long is the Registration Process? How much does it cost?

Registration is immediate through your Vendor Account, and there is no cost to register.