How To Enable an Automatic Refund

With a PayCargo Account, Refund in a few simple steps

What is a PayCargo Automated Refund?

With a PayCargo Vendor Account you can in the System Automatically Authorize a Partial or Full Refund or even Deny the Transaction after the Payer has made the Request through the PayCargo System. 

How to enable the Automatic Refund?

If you did not specify you wanted this feature when you were registering to become a Vendor in PayCargo, you can contact Customer Support to be able to have the necessary permissions to make Automatic Refunds. 

New Customers will Automatically have this Feature Enabled. 

How long does the Refund Process take?

Once approved, the Refund will be Automatically debited the following business day from the Vendor bank account and credited to the Payer.  

You will receive an email after you register: