How To Increase Your Overnight Limit

With a PayCargo Payer Account, you can request to increase your overnight limit to pay multiple and larger invoices overnight.

What Is An Overnight Limit in PayCargo?

Your overnight limit is the amount you have available to complete transactions in PayCargo. The limit is replenished three business days after the transaction has been processed.

How Do I Know What My Overnight Limit Is?

When you register a PayCargo Payer Account a $5,000.00 limit is approved. On your Dashboard and Funds page, you have access to your Overnight details: your current and used overnight limit and the amount you have available for your Transactions. 

How Do I Increase My Overnight Limit?

You can increase your limit by going to your Payer Account on your Dashboard or Funds Availability page. 

Just fill out a simple request form with the amount you need and in less than 24 hours you will get a confirmation of the status of your request. You can also contact Customer Service at [email protected]  or  call 1-888-250-7778.

Does My OverNight Limit Affect My Credit Score?

Applying will not affect your credit score.