How to Register for a Vendor Account

With a PayCargo Account get Paid Immediately.

What can PayCargo do for a Vendor?

Through the PayCargo System, a Vendor can make their receivables available to their customers to view, approve or dispute any invoice or Bill of Landing. They can then get paid online immediately and reduce overall time and costs associated with receiving paper payments and reduce their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

What is the Internal Process for a Vendor?

The Transactions will post on the PayCargo System allowing the Payer to log in and view all their Transactions with participating Vendors. The Vendor has the ability to either Dispute or Approve a Transaction for Payment.  When the Transaction status on the PayCargo website is changed from Pending to Approved, the Vendor will immediately receive email Alerts for the Approved Transactions and can run a Carrier Transaction Report to view the Transactions.

How long is the Registration Process? How much does it cost?

Registration is immediate, and there is no cost to register. Several minutes after registering you should receive a Welcome Alert email with credentials that allow you to login.

How does the Vendor receive Payments from the Payer?

All Payments are received via ACH, the funds will appear the next day. Once a Transaction is Approved, PayCargo will debit the Payer for the amount owed and credit the Vendors the same day.