How To Request a Refund

With a PayCargo Account you can Request and Receive a Refund Fast and Secure

When Can I Request a Refund?

The Payer can Request a Refund every time there is an issue with a Transaction that is in Status Approved in the PayCargo System. Example: Made to Wrong Vendor, Amount error, Wrong station etc.  

Some Vendors have the capability to Approve or Deny the Refund fully. The Payer can work with the Vendor to make the Request and Fill out the Refund Form or contact our Customer Experience Team for Support for other Types of Refunds.

How Do I Use it?

Through the PayCargo Account the Payer must Select the Approved Transaction and Request the Refund. The amount and reason for the Refund must be specified then an email alert will be created for the Vendor and Payer.  

Do I Have to Pay any fees to Request a Refund?

All refunds are subject to a processing fee of up to $10.00 at the discretion of PayCargo.