How to Use Ship & Pay

With this PayCargo Product, No Registration is needed for the Release of your Cargo.

What Is Ship & Pay?

It’s PayCargo’s solution for simple one-time payment through Credit Card to any Vendor in our Network. This is an ideal option when creating occasional Transactions through PayCargo with no registration required.  

How to use Ship & Pay?

As simple as clicking the Ship & Pay Get Started button in, entering your Vendor information, Payment details, and then just receiving an email confirmation with the Transaction Details.

Do I Have to Pay any fees?

Only a $15.00 US fee is needed per transaction, plus the mandatory the 3.5% Credit Card processing fee (of Total transaction amount, no greater than our cost of acceptance). No Annual Fee is required. 

Is there a limit on Transactions I can make?

With Ship & Pay you can create unlimited Transactions. There is a $25,000.00 limit restriction for each one created.