PayCargo Annual Fee

With a PayCargo Account have access to pay thousands of logistic providers and expedite the release of your cargo.

Why does Paycargo Charge an Annual Fee?

Annually PayCargo will charge a Fixed Amount of only $350.00 to all Payer Accounts, this gives you the capability of Unlimited Transactions, up to $1 Million of Overnight Limit ( when requested), and to pay via ACH, Credit Card or PayCargo 30-day Line of Credit up to $5 Million. 

Through your membership we can keep building our Client Network Base, which adds more Vendors, Maintains an Optimal Platform, and Provides greater benefits/features to facilitate your Daily Operations. Nonetheless, all the Vendors you refer to PayCargo are Free of any Charges.  

When is the Annual fee charged?

PayCargo’s Annual Fee for active accounts are invoiced on either August or December of every year (depending on when you created your PayCargo Account). 

How is the Annual fee charged?

Your account will be charged via ACH that is registered with your account. We send all account holders a 30 day notice via email prior to charging your account the annual fee.

Do I always have to pay an Annual fee?

With the Ship & Pay Registration Type for One Time Payment, no Annual Fee is required.