PayCargo Merchant Services Policy

This PayCargo Merchant Services Policy (“Policy”) governs the use of Merchant Services on the Platform for credit card payments by Vendors in the transport and logistics industry. Vendors who participate as registered Vendors on the Platform automatically accept these services, with the option to reject them. Additionally, PayCargo retains the discretion to disable credit card acceptance for specific Vendors when necessary to protect the Platform’s integrity. Any capitalized terms that are utilized in this Policy that are not defined herein shall have the same meaning and effect as set forth in the PayCargo Platform Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”). 


At PayCargo, our mission is to simplify and streamline payment processes within the transport and logistics industry, and to foster efficient business relationships between Payers and Vendors on our Platform. We offer online merchant services that facilitate credit card payments to Vendors (“Merchant Services”), enabling them to accept payments without the need to acquire a separate merchant account. This Policy outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of our Merchant Services.


1. Acceptance of Merchant Services

1.1. Vendors, by participating as registered Vendors on the Platform, automatically accept our Merchant Services, with the option to reject these services.

2. Chargebacks

2.1. Vendors who choose to utilize the Merchant Services for credit card payments are responsible for any chargebacks initiated by Payers.  A chargeback occurs when a Payer disputes a credit card transaction and requests a refund.
2.2. Vendors understand that PayCargo’s core value proposition is facilitating the payment process between Payers and Vendors based on pre-existing business relationships. Therefore, the Vendor bears the responsibility for managing and resolving any chargeback disputes directly with their Payer.

3. Chargeback Restrictions for Payers

Payers are strongly advised not to initiate chargebacks for transactions related to Vendor issues, including but not limited to:
  • Extended waiting time for a refund from the Vendor,
  • Disputes over the quality or delivery of services, or
  • Damaged goods that are the subject of Vendor-related insurance claims or other remediation methods.
Payer understands that PayCargo is a payment facilitation service and does not hold responsibility for issues arising from the Vendor’s actions or products. Initiating a chargeback on a credit card payment that affects PayCargo’s ability to maintain the integrity of the funds that have already been credited to the Vendor. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in the deactivation of the Payer’s account on the Platform.

4. Rejection of Merchant Services

4.1. Vendors have the option to reject Merchant Services if they do not wish to accept credit card payments through the Platform.
4.2. Vendors who choose to reject Merchant Services must inform PayCargo promptly. Upon rejection, Vendors are responsible for notifying their Payers that credit card payments are not accepted through PayCargo. 

5. Discretion to Disable Credit Card Acceptance

5.1. PayCargo reserves the right to disable credit card acceptance for a specific Vendor at its discretion if deemed necessary to protect the integrity of the Platform.
5.2. Reasons for disabling credit card acceptance may include, but are not limited to, cases where a Vendor is targeted by fraudsters, or there is a significant risk to the security of transactions.

6. Processing Fees

6.1. When Vendors accept Merchant Services for credit card payments, they acknowledge that processing fees will apply to these transactions.
6.2. Payers making payments to Vendors through credit card transactions will be responsible for paying these processing fees as part of the services they accept from PayCargo.