New electronic payment systems are helping ground handlers to release goods faster when charges are due. Importers who are using such systems can quickly and easily make a payment for charges online. Any payment shows almost immediately.

PayCargo is a leading electronic payment system who partnered with the U.S. IATA settlement system, CNS, last year. CHAMP and PayCargo have built a secure interface between their respective systems and Cargospot has been enhanced to show PayCargo as a Form of Payment (FOP).






The key benefits of this new interface and feature include:

The financial settlement of charges is between PayCargo and the handler’s or carrier’s financial institution, usually overnight. The only information stored by Cargospot is the payer, transaction information such as invoice number, amount paid, and date and time.

Details of the new interface are in Release Note CSP-111121 which was part of the Cargospot version 18.3 package.

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