PayCargo and Total Terminals International

You Can Now Pay Your Demurrage, Detention, and Congestion Fees Through Total Terminals International

A new integration between PayCargo and Total Terminals International will revolutionize the way cargo is paid for and shipped around the world.

Customers can expect a seamless integration of the Total Terminals Customer Reconciliation System and PayCargo’s Payment Technology.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of the new integration:

1. Sign In to the Total Terminals International customer reconciliation system with designated Username and Password provided by TTI.

TTI Login

2. Search For Your Container Number at the Top of the TMS Portal to Retrieve Your Invoice.

The TMS portal will automatically retrieve the container information and the associated amount. The TMS system also allows for partial payments, so, multiple payments can be made against the same container number.

3. Currently, ONLY Demurrage & Detention and Congestion fees can be collected via PayCargo.

TTI Interface

4. Review Payment Information, Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and Click Submit.

A notification will display confirming you would like to use PayCargo as the designated Payment Method.

TTI Interface

5. The TMS system will redirect to a PayCargo Payment Center to finalize the transaction.

The Payment Center will display all pre-filled details based on the container selected. For a single container payment, you will have to choose from the dropdown if you require an invoice for the associated payment. Once all fields are completed, Click Next.

6. Choose how you would like to make a payment with PayCargo.

There are three options on how to make a payment:

1. Make a one-time credit card payment with PayCargo’s Ship & Pay Platform (no account needed).

2. Sign into your PayCargo account and utilize multiple payment options like ACH, Credit Card, or PayCargo Finance.

3. Sign up for a PayCargo account and take advantage of multiple payment options.

7. Enter payment details and complete the transaction.

Once all payment details are entered and submitted, a Payment Successful message will display on screen, confirming your transaction is complete.

You will then be redirected back to the Total Terminals TMS portal. Your payment will automatically be updated within the TMS portal, and you will receive confirmation of payment in an email notification.