Introducing the Newly Improved PayCargo Interface


An Upgraded Experience That Delivers Maximum Value

As PayCargo continues to innovate and revolutionize the way cargo and freight shipping payments are paid and received globally, we continuously want to highlight our new features and designs for our users.

Today we introduce a newly improved interface, which provides an upgraded user experience for both payers and vendors alike.

Along with a refreshed look, we’ve enhanced the way you filter and search for transactions to help save time and maximize productivity.

Below focuses on specifically improved features of PayCargo’s interface, in order to provide best-in-class technology to help save time and capital along with streamlining your business.

1) Say Hello To Dashboard Cards


The Benefits

With our new PayCargo Dashboard Cards, you’ll easily be able to view your most important information upon logging in.

Think of the Dashboard Cards as quick access to features such as adding a new user, requesting to increase your overnight limit, or accessing resources on how to use a specific feature of the PayCargo system.

Our Dashboard cards will also include a New Features and Announcements section, so you’ll never miss a beat with PayCargo.

2) Transactions Page Makeover

upgraded transactions page

The Benefits

Known as “The Heart” of the PayCargo system, the Transactions page has been improved for a better user experience and faster productivity.

With an upgraded design, you now have the ability to:

  • Better access to the filters panel
  • Search by a transaction amount
  • Filter by a transaction type
  • Easily deselect all transactions selected with the click of a button

3) Shiny New Search Features and Filters

transaction filters

The Benefit

If you’re making multiple payments on a daily basis,  it can get frustrating to find specific types or statuses of an individual or group of transactions.

Not anymore.

With our upgraded search and transaction filters, you can now find exactly what transaction(s) you’re looking for.

4) Welcoming the Side Panel Transaction Detail


The Benefit

One of our favorite new features, the Transaction Detail Side Panel allows you to quickly see all of the details of a specific transaction without having to leave the overall transactions report.

As you can see from the example above, this feature also allows you to see multiple transactions in the side panel from specific statuses while providing you with a quick view of the cohort.

Added Bonuses: 

  • The ability to easily deselect all transactions selected with the click of a button
  • Quick action buttons (batch approve, batch proof, and export selected) that appear after a transaction(s) has been selected
  • A transaction count at the bottom of the table displaying the number of transactions currently being shown in the table with the applied filters

5) Improved Vendor Search

paycargo improved vendor search

The Benefit

With over 3500+ registered vendors in the PayCargo platform, searching for vendors is an absolute breeze with our revamped Vendor Search.

We’re constantly adding new Same-Day Release Vendors every day, so make sure you consistently looking for vendors you work with in order to receive your cargo faster.