PayCargo and ZIM Integration

You Can Now Pay Your Invoices In Your myZIM Personal Area With PayCargo

A new integration between PayCargo and ZIM Integrated Shipping will revolutionize the way cargo is paid for and shipped around the world through the myZIM personal area.

Within the integration, ZIM will integrate PayCargo’s payment platform into the myZIM personal area, allowing customers to pay their accruals and credit notes. This will streamline ZIM’s payment process and make it easier for customers to get their goods delivered on time and on budget. The integration will also assist in reconciliation of payments back into the myZIM personal area.

“ZIM is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to its customers, demonstrated by its integration with PayCargo, as part of its customer-focused and innovative approach.”

Karin Schweitzer

VP Global Customer Service

The integration will initially roll out for US customers, with plans to expand globally in the coming months. Customers can expect a seamless integration of the PayCargo platform into the myZIM shipping experience.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of the new integration:

1. Select which invoices to pay within the myZIM personal area.

When signed in to the myZIM personal area, the option to select invoices will be available from the Invoices tab on the left. The option allows to select a specific or multiple invoices. Once selected, click on the “Pay With PayCargo” button on the right hand side.

Note: Confidentially of all users within the myZIM platform have been accounted for. Securing an invoice will only be visible to ZIM approved parties who are eligible to pay.

PayCargo ZIMM integration

2. Agree to to the Data Protection Policy and Proceed to PayCargo

Before proceeding to PayCargo for payment of the invoice(s), agree to the Data Protection Policy implemented by both ZIM and PayCargo.

PayCargo ZIMM Integration

3. Sign In To PayCargo.

Once the Data Protection Policy is accepted and continue to proceed to PayCargo, a redirection will occur to the PayCargo Sign In Page. If you do not have an account, but would like to register for one, there will be an option to do so.

PayCargo ZIMM Integration

4. Select a payment method for the designated invoices to be paid.

Once signed in to the PayCargo account, the payment modal window will appear for all selected invoices to pay. All designated payment options will be available from the PayCargo Payer Account.

PayCargo ZIMM Integration

Once payment method is selected, click Approve Transactions in order to complete the payment process.

PayCargo ZIMM Integration

5. Once payment is complete, the system will redirect back to the myZIM personal area with the payment status of the selected invoices.

PayCargo ZIMM Integration