Same-Day Release Cancellation Policy for Vendors


To execute the application process based upon payment confirmation and to improve both the Payer and Vendor customer experience by:

  • Canceling payment requests with approval from the Vendor, and
  • Avoiding the cancellation becoming a refund request.

Vendors can apply payment and release shipments before the payment is fully processed on the same day. The same-day release feature can be enabled by an account manager, a customer experience team member, or through the PayCargo portal.

Important Note: In the case of any fraudulent activity, or when fraud is suspected, the funds will not be available, the transaction shall be canceled, and the Vendor will be notified of the cancellation immediately.  


Rights and obligations

PayCargo as facilitator:

  • PayCargo is committed to ensuring the availability of funds to the Vendor unless the Vendor approves the cancellation of the transaction. This is to avoid shipments being released without payment.
  • PayCargo is committed to informing the Vendor of a cancellation request on the same day the request is submitted.
    • Note: This would only apply to vendors with the same-day release feature enabled, as PayCargo is not obligated to seek authorization for transaction modifications or cancellations for Next-Day Release Vendors.
  • PayCargo is committed to informing the Vendor of a cancellation request with detailed payment information and the cancellation reason to facilitate the Vendor’s approval/denial.
  • PayCargo is committed to maintaining the Payer informed in all communications with the Vendor.
  • PayCargo is committed to follow up on behalf of the Payer for any unanswered requests via email and phone.
  • PayCargo is committed to canceling the approved cancellation request before 5 PM EST on its processing date. However, PayCargo has the discretion to avoid canceling a transaction if the approval was given within the last hour of our cutoff time (6 PM EST). This is to avoid the risk of affecting the ACH process with our bank.
  • PayCargo is committed to sending a cancellation confirmation to both the Payer and Vendor.
  • PayCargo has the discretion to cancel a transaction if there is any indication of possible fraudulent activity.
  • PayCargo can edit and re-approve a transaction for the following reasons that would not impact the Vendor’s receiving of funds or shipment release. The Specialist team would review, analyze, and complete this update through the PayCargo platform. Both the Payer and Vendor would be notified of these modifications.
    • Incorrect Payer Information: The customer approved the payment with incorrect information in the non-vendor required fields like the customer reference field/date.
    • Payment Method Change: This would be any payment method to ONL/Prepaid/PCF, which would depend on the account.
      • Since credit card details are not saved on the PayCargo system, we cannot re-approve credit card payments.
      • Does not apply to Ship & Pay, as this account only processes payments by credit card.
    • Support Errors: when there has been an internal error through the support team.
    • Invoice Confirmation: Customer completes an enormous clerical error that would severely impact the Payer’s business operations. The customer would provide a copy of the respective invoice for the specialist team to review.
      • Incorrect Transaction Number
      • Typically, in extreme cases, of the wrong amount
    • Incorrect branch or related entity: PayCargo has the discretion to cancel a transaction if the payment was submitted to the incorrect branch or related entity and another payment was approved to the correct account.


Payer Responsibility:

  • The Payer’s responsibility is to provide detailed payment information and the cancellation reason at least an hour before our 6 PM EST cutoff time on its processing date.


Vendor Responsibility:

  • The Vendor is expected to apply payment and release shipment no later than an hour from when the transaction is approved.
  • The Vendor’s responsibility is to approve/deny the cancellation request before 6 PM EST on the processing date with the appropriate feedback to relay to the Payer.