About AeroUnion

AeroUnion is a Mexican cargo airline founded 22 years ago with the purpose of providing an ideal combination of versatility and economy in cargo transportation for our customers based on a business model with tailor-made solutions.

covering the volatile needs of the market with a fleet of 5 aircraft and an added value focused on flexibility, strengthening and optimizing our route network, enhancing our ability to handle your shipments with passion and a high level of security coupled with exceptional service to provide logistics solutions to connect America with the world.

They have a fleet of 5 cargo aircraft and an extensive network coverage that enables us to connect Mexico with the United States and offer our customers a host of destinations in Asia and Latin America through our interline partner agreements.

AeroUnion advantages

The company is capable to handle all types of cargo; has proven experience and has become a specialist in:

Managing technology

Dangerous goods

Human remains

Live animals


Music equipment

Oversized cargo


General cargo

Overweight cargo

High value cargo

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