About Agility

Agility is a global leader in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation with 45,000+ employees across six continents. A multi-business operator and investor, they specialize in growing and scaling operating businesses.

This includes the largest aviation services company in the world, a global fuel logistics business, and a leading logistics parks business, among others. They also invests in supply chain innovation, sustainability, and resilience, and has minority holdings in a growing portfolio of listed and non-listed companies.

A market-leading liquid fuel logistics business for emerging markets, and companies that offer customs digitization, remote infrastructure services, ecommerce enablement and digital logistics, and commercial real estate and facilities management.

The company is also an investor in cargo transport innovation, sustainability and resilience, with a growing portfolio of listed and non-listed investment partners looking to reshape their respective industries across a range of sectors.

They owns and develops world-class (Grade A) warehousing and light-industrial facilities, value-engineered with sustainable design features that lower costs and improve efficiency.

The company gives small and medium-sized businesses the stable, secure, efficient warehousing and industrial facilities they need to expand and grow. SMEs save money and scale operations in move-in-ready facilities where their space can grow and flex with them

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