About AHW Global

A company founded by two individuals with very rich background in DHL, it’s philosophy, it’s operations and above all it’s passion to service customer to whatever extent possible. AHW Global based on this philosophy partners with the best in class to provide its customers full logistics solution.

AHW Global provides the most optimum solution for its customers, leveraging its network of world class service providers while saving Our clients on average 20% in cost!

AHW Global Advantages

  • E-COMMERCE INTEGRATION: Automatically process orders from all of the Biggest Ecommerce Platforms including: ebay, Shopify, Amazon, and SquareSpace!
  • PRINT SHIPPING LABELS: No more waiting in line at the Post Office! Print all of your Shipping Slips from one place!
  • HUGE DISCOUNTS: We adjust to your needs to ensure you’re getting the best service for the best prices!
  • COMPARE CARRIERS: We offer options among top Carriers! Compare different carrier options based on price and features!

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