About Aircon Air Freight

Aircon Air Freight is the first company to deliver gateway services at scale to the freight forwarding community. Our algorithms pool shipments that combine dense and voluminous cargo to achieve the master consolidation available while passing the “net effect” or savings back to the freight forwarder.

Imagine sharing an air freight gateway, not just an aircraft. Imagine planes and warehouses working together in real time. Imagine getting value for any aircraft that is flying empty or partially loaded, now consolidated to give you great cost savings. This is Aircon’s vision of gateway as a service.

Aircon Air Freight Advantages

  • Lower Air Freight Cost
  • Faster Booking
  • Industry Experts
  • Flexible Options
  • Global Locations
  • Leading Intelligence
  • Contracted rates
  • High volume solutions
  • Quoting to customers
  • Transparent pricing
  • End to end tracking
  • Technology optimized, consolidated airfreight
  • No hidden cost
  • Best airline and routing automatically chosen buy cost and service reliability 
  • Leverage a network of shipments going to the same destination

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