Airport Terminal Services

Airport Terminal Services

About Airport Terminal Services

ATS was formed in 1975 as a subsidiary of Midcoast Aviation. In 1985, Midcoast Aviation was purchased by Ozark Airlines which was purchased in 1986 by TWA. In September of 1994, ATS was purchased from TWA and has since been privately owned.

Airport Terminal Services team members, will provide the highest quality service in the safest environment to the airlines, airports and customers they serve.

Airport Terminal Services is dedicated to the vision that a medium sized, private and independently owned company can provide the level of focused service required in a dynamic industry with competitive and financial pressures.

Airport Terminal Services aims to be the safest, most secure, best trained, and most professional ground handling cargo service provider in the market; and to attract and retain the most talented team members by creating a culture that encourages collaboration, bilateral communication, abundant growth opportunities, effective recognition and to ultimately become the employer of choice.

Airport Terminal Services advantages

Ramp Handling
Servicing the aircraft while on the ground. This includes, marshalling planes to/from gate, loading and unloading baggage, and towing planes between gates.

Passenger Services
Guest relations for airline passengers. Ticketing, passenger check-in, checking baggage, and handling customer concerns.

Cabin Cleaning Services
Cleaning aircraft and restocking goods and materials needed in flight.

Cargo Handling
Handle cargo on aircrafts. Sort, load/unload, and transport cargo and USPS mail.

Fixed Based Operator (FBO)
Provide general aviation services for private aircraft, such as fueling, parking, maintenance, and more.

Aircraft Fueling
Supplying fuel to an aircraft while on the ground.

GSE Maintenance Services
Providing maintenance to aviation ground support equipment.

De-Icing Services
Removing snow, ice, or frost from an aircraft prior to takeoff.

Lounge Services
Operating passenger lounges inside airports, ensuring an exceptional guest experience. ATS also owns and operates its own lounges under the brand name, Wingtips.

Airport Ambassador Programs
Manage recruitment, scheduling, training, and celebrations for airport volunteer programs.

VIP Concierge Service
Professional meet-and-greet service that creates a seamless airport experience for every client. ATS owns and operates its own VIP Concierge Service under the brand name, Airport Butler.

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