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About Allegro Freight Services

Allegro Freight Services is a global freight forwarder headquartered in Toronto. As a global logistics expert, we can ship your cargo and freight domestically and internationally, and we offer a multitude of comprehensive freight shipping services to suit all of your cargo shipping requirements. As a full-service freight forwarder, we have a global agency network of over 230 agents worldwide in all 7 continents and offer worldwide shipping and logistics services including Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Ground Transport, Project Cargo, Cross Trade and Crating Services.

In today’s fast-paced and evolving business environment, freight forwarders are playing an important role in a business involved in international trade and moving products globally. We are logistics experts in expediting shipments worldwide. We can handle the logistics of all freight sizes and weights of cargo from oversized equipment, autos, heavy machinery to small parcels. We can transport cargo from any location in the world to any destination around the globe. Our dedicated logistics team can also manage 3rd party shipments and cross trade shipments cost efficiently, managing every detail effortlessly.

We pride ourselves on managing all shipment details and costs for you, including reliable international scheduling, cargo insurance, and full documentation support. We pride ourselves on transparency and feature the Allegro Inclusive Price Policy so that when you choose us, we will let you know the final pricing at the beginning, not at the end.

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