About Alonso Forwarding USA

Grupo Alonso’s history starts in the year 1962 in the logistics sector with founder Francsico Alonso. The entrepreneurial activity starts with overland transport and soon expands to maritime and aerial. At this early stage, the business spreads to new national markets and the first steps towards internationalization are taken.

Alonso Forwarding USA, with an office in Miami (Florida), is Alonso Group’s branch in the United States, one of the world’s major economic powers. Alonso Forwarding USA pays special attention to air cargo to/from Europe, Asia and North America to the main destinations in the world. It also markets maritime, land transport and customs services.

Diversification is a key factor to our growth. Our companies lead the sectors where they develop their activities. Each one’s contribution enriches the whole group, which in turn strengthens them.

Alonso Forwarding USA Advantages

We are a multisectorial business group of reference in the national and international market with more than 61 years of experience. Currently, Grupo Alonso is made up of more than one hundred companies operating in three major business areas:

  • Leisure Services
  • Energy/Infrastructure
  • Logistics

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