Ambri Assurances

Ambri Assurances

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Ambri Assurances

About Ambri Assurances

AMBRI Insurance Inc is an insurance brokerage firm specialized in the field of marine cargo insurance and marine liabilities. We work with various Canadian and American marine insurance companies as well as Lloyd’s underwriters to provide our clients with the most comprehensive products and services to meet their needs.

Our History
Ambri Assurances existence begins on July 10th, 1995 when the firm was first formed under the name Agence Maritime Brien Russo Inc. In 2000, thanks to the input of our clients, we registered and changed our name to AMBRI Assurances Inc. In July 2010 we will be celebrating our 15th year anniversary.

Our Mission
Transportation of goods whether on an international or domestic basis is complex enough. Our mission is twofold, provide our clients with a simplified cargo insurance policy that responds to individual needs and stand by our clients in the event of a claim.

Ambri Assurances advantages

We offer the following insurance products and services:

  • claims handling
  • credit insurance
  • freight forwarders legal liability insurance
  • inland cargo insurance
  • learning seminars
  • load broker legal liability insurance
  • marine cargo insurance
  • small commercial hull insurance
  • risk management
  • yacht insurance

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