American Shipping and Chartering

American Shipping and Chartering

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American Shipping and Chartering

About American Shipping and Chartering

The goal and objective of American Shipping and Chartering is to provide all customers with services which continuously meet their needs and expectations, to comply with all requirements, and to seek continual improvement. American Shipping and Chartering is totally committed to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis on efficiency, reliability, experience and trust.

The Company aims to remain the chartering company and shipping agency of choice for its customers by continuous improvement and innovation.

These high standards of work will be enhanced by operating a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of the International Standard, ISO 9001:2015.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Representative to establish a framework for reviewing quality objectives.  This is achieved through regular planned audits and Management Review Meetings.  Reports of audits and reviews will be communicated to all employees.  Management will review the quality policy for continuing suitability and effectiveness.

Compliance with this Policy and their Procedures is mandatory and binding upon all employees.  Quality is the responsibility of everyone working on behalf of American Shipping and Chartering.  The aim is to do it right the first time – every time – and to strive for continuous improvement.

Customer satisfaction and the good name of the Company are directly dependent upon this working philosophy.

American Shipping and Chartering Advantages

  • Brokerage: Too long, too high, too heavy is not an obstacle to them. They find the tonnage to suit your cargo and the cargo to suit your tonnage.
  • Port Agency: American Shipping and Chartering on average handles over 250 port calls annually, each of which is attended to with utmost care and the unique personal attention their Principals and their crews deserve.
  • Oil & Gas: American Shipping and Chartering offers seamless agency support in the US Gulf of Mexico from Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico around to Pensacola, Florida. Regardless of the port of mobilization or the project location in the US Gulf – clients can have the benefit of one agent across the region for the duration of their activity.
  • Logistics: American Shipping and Chartering’s logistics team and their global agency network can assist with movement of cargo from origin or to final destination using multiple modes of transportation (trucks, barges, etc.).  Your cargo will be delivered to destination without worry and with one vendor.

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