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ASF Logistics

About ASF Logistics

From origin to destination, logistics can be messy and complicated. Freight technology solutions have been front and center in recent years promising to completely transform the entire process, downplaying the human aspect.

ASF Logistics knows that the process of transporting cargo from one global location to another isn’t that simple. You can’t automate the full scope of logistics services and expect 100% performance.

People are at the center of logistics. They are the links which make the chain a supply chain. At ASF Logistics, it is their people that make logistics work, every day, day in and day out.

They double down on the value of the human experience and do it with the highest standards. This enables their customers to confidently rest easy at night knowing they have a strong partner behind them.

The human connections they create, are further strengthened through knowledge sharing, being available to discuss industry and market trends, and creatively addressing exceptions. They are flexible, willing to do it different. By being adaptable and working outside the box they strengthen personal connections to drive business results.

For everyone at ASF, logistics is people, process and technology in that order. Technology is an enabler, but never a replacement. They embrace technology to advance and elevate the high performing solutions they create for their customers.

With this belief, ASF carves out a unique and important category as the human standard in global logistics.

ASF Logistics Advantages

  • Ocean Services
  • Land Services
  • Air Services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Contract Management

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