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Associates Warehousing Inc

About Associates Warehousing Inc

A fourth generation family business since 1939, Parker Trucking was founded to provide high quality transportation for local shippers. We started providing delivery services to the ingredients trade which included commodities such as sugar, flour, and fruit jellies. Abbott’s Dairies, Jack Frost Sugar, and Bond Baking were customers back then; just to name a few.

We developed into offering our customers value added warehousing services. We would would hold inventory for grain brokers and expedite delivery when they had a sale. In the 1970’s, Parker Trucking evolved into William Parker Associates which expanded into port deliveries with break bulk cargo and then containerization.

Shipments needing palletizing became our specialty that included bagged ingredients, canned foodstuffs, and even plastic cd/dvd cases. The drayage and distribution packaged services grew and Associates Warehousing broke out from the parent company in the 1990’s and became a sister company.

Today we have over 230,000 square feet of warehouse space in 4 centralized locations. Associates Warehousing Inc. is poised to meet the supply chain and 3PL challenges of the 21st. century with new technology and modernization of facilities to handle your international cargo in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

With Associates Warehousing Inc. you can depend on our SafeSecure, and Efficient handling capabilities and experienced warehouse staff to provide expedited receiving, shipping, and storage of your valued shipments.  

Associates Warehousing Inc Advantages

  • CBP Bonded Warehouse and Container Freight Station
  • Cold Storage with 10 Plug Reefer Bank – Cold Chain Cross-Docking services
  • Approved FDA Examination station
  • Transloading import containers ~ All types of cargo including open top and closed containers of steel coils, lumber, and machinery
  • 3PL Logistic Services with deliveries to All U.S. points
  • Over 230,000 square feet of warehouse secure storage space in 4 centralized locations
  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment Centers ( Amazon Compliant )
  • Tier 1 Warehousing Management System with 24/7 online inventory access
  • Drayage Carrier

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