Astral Freight Services

Astral Freight Services

About Astral Freight Services

Since 1985, Astral Freight Services has continuously proven itself as the dominant freight forwarder and top choice for global companies looking to expand their reach. There’s a reason we’re still in business after 33 years: Delivering exceptional customer service & attention to detail, 24/7.

Bonded & Insured so your cargo always stays safe • Strategically located near Miami International Airport for faster service • Customized solutions tailored to your needs • Providing total transparency end to end Delivering you peace of mind when you need it most. With Astral, there’s no “figuring it out.”

Having been in the freight forwarding industry since 1985, Astral Freight Services has been there, done that. Serving a range of industries, our vast solutions are guaranteed to serve your needs.

Astral Freight Services advantages

Streamlining documentation
We know what’s needed to ship what you have. We save you time and unnecessary headaches.

Quick customs clearance
Our staff leaves no stone unturned, eliminating the usual back and forth, to make the customs clearance process lightening fast.

Barcoding & Labeling
Keeping your products organized and ready to ship eliminating downtime.

Storage, Pick, Pack, & Fulfillment
Providing an individually tailored 360 approach for customers who require a 3PL partner that understands and can meet their needs.

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