AZ Express Freight

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AZ Express Freight

About AZ Express Freight

AZ EXPRESS FREIGHT INC. is an international logistics company licensed by NVOCC both in China and USA. It has established a very close cooperation with many domestic as well as international Shipping companies and Airlines companies.

Several years’ development and in the intense competitions, AZ EXPRESS FREIGHT INC. has expanded to combines ocean freight, air freight, rail road and trucking transportation.

We are heading to our goal of being a more international and formalized Cargo & Freight company because we hold our faiths and have experienced staffs.

AZ Express Freight advantages

International Expertise: Licensed by NVOCC in both China and the USA, the company brings extensive international logistics knowledge to the table.

Strong Industry Collaborations: Close partnerships with numerous domestic and international shipping and airline companies enable a wide range of logistical options.

Diverse Transportation Modes: The ability to combine ocean freight, air freight, rail, and trucking transportation ensures flexibility and efficiency.

Experienced Team: With a seasoned staff, they are well-equipped to handle complex logistics challenges.

Global Reach: An international outlook aligns with the goal of becoming a more global and formalized freight company.

Reliability: The company values its principles and maintains a high level of reliability, instilling trust in clients.

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