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Basic Shipping USA

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Basic Shipping USA

About Basic Shipping USA

The first member, Basic Shipping USA Inc, was founded in 1994 and is based in New York.

It was re-established as an employee owned company in 1998. Basic Shipping focuses on international air and ocean movement, and has developed its global network from ground up.

In 1998, the company began building up its domestic transportation network, supporting its first employee owned company – Basic Trucking and Warehousing (NY) Inc, which is exclusively handling air and ocean freight trucking in the tri-state area on behalf of Basic Shipping USA Inc and its network members.

BASIC Group does not only include shipping, trucking, drayage, distribution, but also includes many different professional cargo handling agents and experts who are most happy working with you.

Basic Shipping USA advantages

Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding Agents
Air and Ocean Freight Truckers
Ocean IMP and Export Container Drayagers
Customers House Brokers
Network Members including other professional freight forwarders in U.S. and all around the world

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