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BDG International

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BDG International

About BDG International

Founded in 1983 by Mark Reed Anderson and Kerstin G. Anderson, BDG International is a Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, and International Trade Consultant Firm with World Headquarters located in Elgin, Illinois near Chicago).

BDG International provides reliable cargo freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and international trade consulting that meets every need. Clients choose BDG because we provide consistently competitive pricing and superior service.

Our team of professionals meets annual training requirements to hone their skills in the latest transportation regulatory and logistics changes. BDG blends highly trained personnel with the latest in logistics technology to meet the demanding information needs of today’s importers and exporters.

BDG International advantages

Approved by IATA in 1984
Obtained FMC license in 1985
Formed NVOCC in 1987
Had representation in numerous countries by 1988
Obtained corporate license as a U.S. Customs House Broker in 1996
Purchased a new worldwide headquarters building in 2003
Obtained C-TPAT status in 2004
Received MC# for Truck Brokerage in 2005
Opened office in New Delhi, India in July 2007
2008 – BDG invested in the leading logistics software system with the goal to offer top technology to the clients, creating an efficient and effective process.
Recipient of the Presidential “E” Award for Export Service 2013
2020 – BDG went paperless for import-export processing, if paper documents are not required they are not printed.

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