About Bertschi

As a global logistics service provider, Bertschi is constantly evolving. The corporate philosophy established by its founders, Hans and Rolf Bertschi, remains deeply embedded in the company’s culture, and its roots are still very much in evidence. Founded in 1956, it has remained a family-owned company with its headquarters in Dürrenäsch, Switzerland.

In a pioneering move in 1964, the company loaded its first trucks onto a train between Germany and Italy, traveling from Basel to Lugano. This marked the advent of transalpine intermodal freight transport from Germany to Italy.

In 2011, Bertschi was the first company to transport ISO tanks on a pure rail route between Europe and China.

Today, we are the European market leader in intermodal chemical transportation on rail, road, and water. The company also established a leading position in global ISOtank transportation and value-added logistics services.

Bertschi Advantages

  • Liquid: Market leader in intermodal logistics for liquid chemicals
  • Dry Bulk: Intermodal dry bulk logistics throughout Europe
  • Global: Tank container transport around the globe
  • Solutions: The specialist for your logistics challenges
  • Nordic Bulkers: Dry bulk and liquids logistics in Scandinavia
  • Elite: Global freight management services
  • Logistics outsourcing & on-site logistics
  • Containerization of product streams

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