BluePrint Global

BluePrint Global

About BluePrint Global

Blueprint Global is an organization that brings together the best in practice across all intermodal logistics. Traditional models are generally operated individually. Our purpose is to bring a balance to individual parts making them whole and uniform in nature, ultimately providing our customers with a greater level of “understanding” and a successful “conclusion” that exceeds expectations.

Overall, Blueprint Global is an innovative company whose aim is to revolutionize supply chains from “cost centres” into efficient “revenue centres” for our customers.

BPG do this by redefining the end to end cargo flows within the supply chain and improving connectivity between transport nodes.

Blueprint Global have the scale and core capability across the export, import and domestic function that allows us to deploy and execute a robust supply chain utilizing our 3PL vendors, through seamless integration.

BluePrint Global advantages

  • Increased service levels to the end customer
  • Increased sales through to the end customer
  • Reduced fulfilment costs / lead times
  • Improved / expanded relationships
  • Smoother demand patterns
  • Elimination of human errors

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