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Same-Day Release Vendor in PayCargo

BNX Shipping Atlanta Inc

We are pleased to announce that BNX Shipping Atlanta Inc has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About BNX Shipping Atlanta Inc


BNX SHIPPING INC., was founded in 1993 with Honor, Integrity, and Commitment as the company’s guiding principles. Since then they have experienced tremendous growth and now operate throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Germany. 

The company is still committed to offering clients an unparalleled level of service and becoming a worldwide leader in global logistics.

BNX SHIPPING INC., has a global network in place to efficiently meet the unique and ever changing needs of the clients. Beyond simple logistics services, its capabilities have been expanded to include Production, Transportation, Storage and Distribution.

Over the years, they have met all of the challenges they encountered head on with enthusiasm and they  continue to meet new challenges with that same level of urgency today. 

The company have become a global leader with a strong sense of confidence in being able to meet and exceed all of their client’s expectations.


BNX Shipping Advantages

  • International
  • Ocean/ Air Cargo Consolidation
  • Warehouse/Packing
  • Container/Distribution
  • Central/South America
  • Banking Documentation
  • Domestic
  • Summary
  • Interstate Trucking

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