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About Bumerang Freight

We are the trusted leaders and partners in the industry, helping our customers avoid unexpected costs that come with the ever-changing freight market and the complexities of the global supply chain.

Bumerang Freight is an expert in air, sea, and trucking transportation, customs, supply chain, and warehousing, and we work tirelessly to find you a solution that meets you where you’re at—no matter when or where your goods need to go.

At Bumerang Freight, we guide you from start to finish to confirm everything is effectively taken care of from manufacturing to delivering the goods to your door. We know just how important your bottom line is and we go out of our way to ensure you’re maximizing your savings and being as efficient as possible in your transportation. We’ve been able to save our clients tens of thousands of dollars with our diligence. 

This is how as a family-owned mother and son business we’ve been able to organically grow on a large scale due to unmatched customer service, high levels of integrity, and transparency that leads to referrals.

We work relentlessly to ensure your goods get where they need to go while always prioritizing your bottom line.

Bumerang Freight Advantages

  • Imports & Exports: We handle the importing and exporting of your goods by air, land or ocean.
  • Customs: We work with the world’s top carriers and steamships, and we know the customs regulations inside and out. We work to keep your shipments clear and keep your tariffs low.
  • Warehousing: Our 148,000 square feet warehouse with 27 dock doors is located strategically close to the Newark Airport for minimal transportation costs.
  • Transportation: We have our own dedicated fleet of chassis to ensure your shipments get where they need to go in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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