About BXC Inc

BXC Inc. – Express Transport by Air, Inc. is a New Jersey based freight forwarding company that handles exports and imports (air and ocean) worldwide through Newark and JFK International Airports.

We are strategically located in New Jersey, approximately two miles from the Newark International Airpor. Using Newark, we are able to guarantee customers timely expedition of shipments. Express Transport by Air picks up and distributes shipments within the metropolitan area and arranges trucking to and from all other US locations.

BXC Inc. – Express Transport by Air handles all documentation in-house, including letters of credit and drafts. To protect its customers, the company also screens all shipments and correlating documentation to ensure that all government regulations are met at the destination. The staff’s knowledge and experience in this area guarantee our customers prompt and efficient execution of their shipments.

We offer fully-computerized handling and tracking and EDI capabilities via computer interface with its customers, US Customs and HFTN Members.

BXC Inc Advantages

  • Global Forwarding: Imports and Ocean Exports.
  • Customs Brokerage: Our licensed brokers are domiciled in New Jersey and New York to consult our customers on the latest developments which could affect their product flow. BXC is independently owned and operated and has earned industry recognition for exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Warehousing and Domestic Distribution: We maintain 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, in addition to 20,000 square feet for perishable freight. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) id is available to our clients with secured online inventory visibility and order management.
  • Logistics: Value-added services, Banking Services, and Additional services available.

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