CGL Cohesion Global Logistics

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CGL Cohesion Global Logistics

About CGL Cohesion Global Logistics

Founded in 1984, CGL Cohesion Global Logistics expanded throughout US and rapidly emerged as a leader in the transportation and logistics industry.

We built our reputation and business, one delivery at a time, by consistently providing the high quality service our clients need to operate efficient and cost-effective supply chains. Today, our global footprint encompasses over 260 locations around the world.

CGL Cohesion Global Logistics is driven by innovative corporate culture, we continually raise the bar to greater performance heights, creating successful partnerships and winning customer loyalty.

CGL Cohesion Global Logistics provides custom-tailored and fully-integrated logistics services and solutions. CGL Cohesion’s commitment and dedication to results, high quality service, innovation and professionalism deliver unparalleled success to our clients. CGL Cohesion’s global network brings forth optimal logistics intelligence, performance-driven and cost-effective strategies, keeping us on the cutting edge of the logistics industry.

CGL Cohesion Global Logistics advantages

Air Freight Logistics
Ocean Freight Logistics
Ground Freight Logistics
Foreign to Foreign Logistics
Global Warehousing & Distribution
Project Cargo

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