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About City Business Brokerage

City Business Brokerage Aka Los Angeles Customs Brokerage in the simplest definition a Customs Broker releases and enters inbound shipments and arranges payment of duties and taxes on their clients behalf.

When your business involves international trade, your prosperity is dependent on strong partners to lead you through the complexities of customs and logistics.

City Business Brokerage was formed in 2019 with this Mission Statement. Peter Adeli and Sam Petite launched our business based on the premise that we will do everything in our power to assure our customers prosperity by leveraging our experience, business connections, and empathy.

Peter is a long time fixture in the Downtown Los Angeles business community where he has operated our sister company, City Business Shipping since 1995. Many customers throughout California and beyond depend on City Business for pickup and delivery, truck consolidation, small package shipping, and warehousing.Peter started his business as a school project while earning a Business Administration degree at USC.

Sam has been a Licensed Customs Broker since 1995 and managed Customs Brokerage and Logistics operations since that time. His diversity of logistics experience is unique. From moving power production equipment from Skandanavia to the Canadian Arctic to furniture from Vietnam factories carefully delivered to homes in Los Angeles, Sam has experienced it. Above all, Sam has always had a reputation as a great customs broker.

Peter and Sam met in 2015 while Sam was working on behalf of a startup online furniture retailer. This company needed a delivery company to do residential deliveries throughout California and City Business stepped up and became a long time partner. As a side note, this furniture company grew to become a market leader and certainly found “Prosperity through Trade”

Sam and Peter got along well from the onset and vowed to go into business together some day.

City Business Brokerage Advantages

  • Customs Clearance
  • Consulting
  • Inbound Traffic Management
  • Import Security Filing
  • Ecommerce Entries
  • Customs Bonds
  • Duty Drawback
  • Export Declarations and Compliance

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