Total Truck Transport



The transport and logistics market is both fragmented and concentrated. Dominated by global giants (DHL, DB Schenker Logistics, Kuehne & Nagel, DSV, etc.), it is also a complex market with a diverse range of players and businesses.

CLASQUIN USA supply chain is made up of as many specialists as there are means of cargo transport, types of goods, deadline constraints, etc.

CLASQUIN is a multinational, mid-cap “Pure Player” company in the International Freight Management sector. It is currently the only market operator able to offer the services of a multinational combined with the advantages of a mid-cap company, as we are reliable, responsive, able to customize based on customer needs, creativity, innovation, and more.

CLASQUIN USA unique positioning, is reinforced by its sound fundamentals: its expert and committed team members, our international network, our integrated IT tools, all of which present very high barriers for any new competitors.

CLASQUIN USA advantages

CLASQUIN has no fleet management constraints, and develops its added value by means of service and expertise.

The Group combines its different expertise and know-how to implement effective solutions to harmonise, streamline and secure exchanges with its customers, whose international activity is increasingly strategic and complex.

For more than 40 years, CLASQUIN has managed import and export flows, mainly between Western Europe and overseas, in particular the Asia-Pacific and North America. A pioneer on the Europe-Asia route, CLASQUIN has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific, via its network of 22 offices. More recently, CLASQUIN has also grown its business in the Near and Middle East, as well as in Northwest and sub-Saharan Africa.

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