Since its establishment in 1978, the CMA CGM Group has continued to grow, drawing its strength from its family dimension, from a long-term strategic vision driven by a common passion.

In keeping with their history and culture, they are driven by the values that unite them as a team. Today, they are reaffirming these values to continue their development and achieve their ambitions.

As a leader in the industry, They are engaged in a perpetual quest for excellence at every level of their organization. 

One that ranges from operational excellence all the way to excellence in environmental protection, as well as achieving excellence in interactions with their customers, suppliers and staff members. 

With its global presence, along with the key role it plays in driving the global economy, the CMA CGM Group and all its employees must lead by example. 

That means upholding the highest standards in their daily tasks as well as in the strategic decisions they make.

CMA CGM Advantages

  • Maritime lines 
  • Eagle Express 
  • Refrigerated cargo 
  • Oversized cargo 
  • Cargo care 
  • Serenity 
  • Supply chain agility 
  • Environmental services 
  • Business support

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