Coast 2000

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Coast 2000

About Coast 2000

The company is the Western Canada’s largest, premier integrated logistics facility, linking cargo moved by rail, barge and truck to global markets.

Coast2000 provides full depot services for all container carriers calling the Port of Vancouver. 

Alongside their depot, they operate a multimodal transload facility supporting a diverse mix of cargo.

Coast 2000 operations in Richmond and Prince Rupert, BC, Coast2000 is the off-dock solutions provider of choice in the Pacific Gateway.

Coast 2000 Advantages

  • Safety & Enviroment
  • Leading by example through action and accountability, for the health and safety, environment and communities in which they operate.
  • Worksafe BC COR Certified and ClimateSmart Certified.
  • Sustainability
  • Operating their business to return value to the customers, employees, the communities in which they reside and  shareholders.
  • Reliability
  • Knowledge, experience and focus on continuous improvement resulting in an unrivaled customer experience.

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