Courtney Agencies

Courtney Agencies Headquarters

About Courtney Agencies

They have supported clients with long-standing, secure, reliable and reasonably priced services for more than 65 years.

With the benefit of our broad and deep industry sector experience and partnerships, they have become a leading western Canadian trade services company.

Courtney Agencies have years of collective experience advising clients on how to move their goods across international borders quickly, correctly and safely. 

They can boast a strong network of trusted global relationships with whom they partner to move goods around the world.

Courtney Agencies Advantages 

  • Canadian Customs Brokerage
  • Non-resident Importers
  • Vehicle Imports
  • Temporary Imports
  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Land
  • Relief (Humanitarian) Aid
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Export
  • ACI Security filings

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