Daya International Freight Forwarding

Daya International Freight Forwarding

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Daya International Freight Forwarding

About Daya International Freight Forwarding

Daya International Freight Forwarding Co.,LTD. is an International First-Class Freight Forwarder approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Member of NVOCC, IATA, WCA, JCTRANS.

Its headquarters is in Shanghai and its branches are Shenzhen, Beijing , Ho Chi Minh and New York. The Network covers Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Daya International Freight Forwarding’s team are good at air and sea transportation and has 10 years of experience in customizing door to door logistics solutions.

Daya International Freight Forwarding Advantages

  • Cross border from China to Vietnam: Daya International Freight have both China office and Vietnam office, it helpful provides customers the cross border from China to Vietnam service and vice versa with the effective cost and good services
  • Time crucial ex China & Vietnam to USA door to door delivery: Their company provides a comprehensive solution for the international shipments of goods, guarantees that the goods will be picked up from and delivered to the locations decided by the end customer on a “door-to-door” service basis or called: one stop service with high standards of quality and service
  • Air freight: The company’s airport offices are on duty 24 hours a day, ready for handling import cargos of fresh goods, medicines, chemicals. Their work has been in following the airlines flight schedules.
  • Sea Freight: As a NVOCC member, their Sea Freight team are a group of professionals with an average working experience for 10 years.  They have built good relationships with major shipping lines, enable them to have space and good price 24/7. Besides competitive contract rates, they can help to deal with carriers a good term for free Dem/Det & surcharges at destinations.

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