About DGL Export

DGL Export is a freight broker company, our goal is to provide solutions to your cargo needs. We handle a portfolio of services that fit the need and the rate you are looking for.

DGL Export Advantages

  • FTL: FTL or Full-Truckload Transport is a means of transport that requires only one load per truck. These loads are easy for both drivers and trucking agencies to load and unload since loading and unloading agencies put less effort into loading, unloading, and securing the cargo. In addition, for the buyer of services, this way is an alternative to moving the goods directly, thus avoiding transshipments.
  • LTL: LTL or less than a full truckload is defined as a partial load per truck. In general, a truck without a full truckload looks for other partial loads to make transportation cost-effective. This solution is economical to transport partial loads and re-made for shipments that require less than 30 feet of a truck or more than 20,000 lbs. approx. This economical alternative avoids the total cost of a truck and depends largely on the weight and dimensions.
  • Drayage: FCL or Full-Container Load is a mode of transportation used when an entire container is used for the shipment of goods (without the need for it to be full). The main purpose is to reduce costs. In this service, the driver takes the cargo from point A to point B as the only guide to its contents B/L (Bill of Lading) in which the cargo is declared. The reason for using this type of cargo is to maximize and protect the goods shipped.
  • Intermodal: Intermodal transport is the articulation between different modes of transport using a single load (containers), which can be used in several types of transport. But the load must maintain its standard size.

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