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DSV Air and Sea Inc

About DSV Air and Sea Inc

It all began in 1976 when Leif Tullberg and nine independent trucking companies established DSV.  The company operated as a cartage department for the owners and only handled contracting haulage and deliveries.

DSV Air and Sea Inc became to enter the international transport market in 1989 with the acquisition of two competing export companies followed by Samson Transport Co. A/S in 1997 and Svex Group AB in 1999.

These were important acquisitions as they altered the services and product focus as well as made the framework for an international future of the company. 

In 2000, the biggest step in the company’s history was taken by the acquisition of DFDS Dan Transport Group, which led to a new era and strategy.

DSV Air and Sea Inc joined forces with Panalpina Welttransport in 2019, becoming the world’s fourth largest transport and logistics company.

DSV Air and Sea Inc separated its operations into three divisions in 2001: Road, Air & Sea and Solutions in order to put focus on our different services and customer segments, DSV 

The services are being developed, interpreted and tailor-made to meet our customers’ increasing demands in respect of product solutions, prices and transit times. 

DSV Air and Sea Inc advantages

  • Dedicated teams to move your aerospace cargo around the globe in the safest fashion.
  • Innovative, reliable and tailored solutions for energy transport logistics, whenever and wherever needed. 
  • Transportation and logistics services to optimize supply chains and meet tighter production schedules.
  • Dedicated teams and a wide range of solutions to ensure compliance with quality standards and regulations.
  • Transport to warehouse, distribution center or direct-to-store so goods can reach the retailers directly.
  • Industrial
  • Tailor-made solutions to manage complex demands and make supply chains leaner and more agile.
  • Regulatory, safety and security compliance, and dedicated solutions to maintain product integrity during transportation.
  • Expertise in refrigerated cargo shipping and cold-chain management to ensure shipments arrive in pristine condition.
  • Delivery of time-critical trade show and exhibition materials whenever, wherever you need them.
  • End-to-end, integrated and reliable supply chain solutions to link production sites with distribution sites around the world.

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