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About DTS Advance Logistics

Founded in 2007, DTS Advance Logistics has always believed that there is a personalized logistical solution for all. We found that to provide the leading logistical solutions a one stop service was needed. This led to DTS Advance Logistics to integrate Freight Forwarding, a Customs Brokerage and 3PL Warehousing all under one umbrella to ensure every client’s needs are met. This one stop service is what allows us to provide its unique problem solving services to all current and future clients.

At DTS Advance Logistics it is our top priority to ensure our services are best in class by providing our clients with the finest personalized logistical solution for them.

We promise to provide all clientele with high quality service to ensure their supply chains are cost effective and efficient. To ensure this happens, all clients will be provided with a logistical expert that can develop their optimal logistical solution. Our experts will provide all clients with secured on time delivery while minimizing shipping costs and reducing risk.

DTS Advance Logistics Advantages

DTS Advance Logistics has three main business functions that are offered to every client. We pride ourselves in being a Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, and 3PL Warehouse. This provides our current and future clients with a one stop service that makes their logistical problems disappear. 

  • Freight Forwarding: The Freight Team at DTS Advance Logistics has vast knowledge and experience handling Ocean, Air, and Land Freight which allows them to provide each customer with a unique and personalized service.
  • Customs Brokerage: The customs team at DTS Advance Logistics is comprised of multiple CCS customs licensed brokers that are readily available to clear any shipment at your convenience.
  • 3PL Warehousing: The Warehouse and Distribution team at DTS Advance Logistics is fast and efficient with the orders they receive and send out. All items are properly stored and maintained, customers can check their own inventory at their pleasure using our CargoWise one portal.

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