Expedited World Cargo

Expedited World Cargo

About Expedited World Cargo

Expedited World Cargo is a leader in the global logistics industry with locations in Washington/Dulles and Miami. Their mission is to help clients achieve a competitive advantage through implementation of affordable and reliable cargo logistics. They want clients to rely on them for every need regarding expedited shipping and transportation. they have the expertise to answer all of your domestic and international logistics questions. 

Expedited World Cargo’s goal is to continuously establish and enhance relationships throughout the world in order to exceed the expectation of their customers, employees and network partners.

In short, they provide comprehensive services to accommodate your domestic and international logistics and import/export shipping needs. This includes consultation and guidance, as well as easy tracking of your shipments from your door to the delivery location. They can help you prepare and submit export documentation and keep you up to date on the latest transportation laws that will affect your business. 

Expedited World Cargo advantages

  • Logistics Services: Expedited World Cargo takes great pride in the efficient ways it has available to transport your shipments domestically and internationally. Their trained team of logistics experts can advise you on the fastest and most affordable cargo shipping options.
  • Government: Expedited World Cargo provides a variety of commercial transportation options for clients serving in government and armed forces capacities. These options are designed with the specifics of government life and precision in mind.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that all shipments in our care meet specific requirements is vital to Expedited World Cargo’s mission of giving clients a sustainable, competitive edge. EWC’s compliance department is always working to keep up to date on import and export regulations and to consistently apply any appropriate information to your shipments.
  • Warehousing: Capable of short–term and long–term storage, our team of trained professionals can help reduce the warehouse and distribution costs.
  • Value Added: Their years of experience in global shipping enables them to accommodate anyone beyond the basic transport of your goods.

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