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About Express Line Corporation

Conceptualized and established in 1985, Express Line Corporation (ELC), a privately owned company, has successfully lived up to its ideals:  excellent service, competitive rates, and reliability.

Focusing on these goals for the past 35 years, Express Line has efficiently provided unparalleled services through its highly trained staff. “Only the best” has been the guiding principle of each and every member in the ELC family. We take our responsibility of arranging the transport of each shipment from point of origin to destination extremely seriously. The global shipping community has continuously entrusted our company with its logistics needs.

Neither our local nor our international clients have ever had to worry about the usually-costly expenses associated with shipping goods, because we have always offered competitive rates. Because of this, new and old clients have consistently chosen Express Line Corporation among the countless freight forwarders available worldwide.

Express Line Corporation Advantages

  • Air Transporation: With deep expertise in air logistics solutions and longstanding relationships which grant access to aircraft capacity worldwide, Express Line can help you achieve that elusive balance of speed and value. Our personal attention to your needs and ability to adapt to your ever-changing demands makes us the number one choice for your air freight requirements.
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding: Reliable, flexible, and seamless ocean logistics solutions to support your business’s needs. We’re dedicated to helping you find the most cost-effective cargo transportation option for your supply chain.The customs team at DTS Advance Logistics is comprised of multiple CCS customs licensed brokers that are readily available to clear any shipment at your convenience.
  • Warehousing/Logistic Services: Optimized technology, facilities, and processes to support your warehousing needs. Offering comprehensive warehousing and logistics services, we give you just the ingredients you need to keep your supply chain in balance.
  • Customs Clearance: As a complete solutions provider, Express Line takes great pride in its customs clearance services. Working hand in hand with our freight forwarding operations and sales team, we address any potential concerns that our customers might have.

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