About Flora Logistics

The cornerstone and pride of Flora Logistics’ operation is its state-of-the-art cold storage facility. With over 200,000 square feet of temperature-controlled space, towering over 40 feet high, Flora Logistics’s facility is large enough to handle all of your perishable product needs.

Located a mile from Miami International Airport, the U.S. gateway to the world for flowers, produce and other perishables, Flora Logistics is convenient, fast and economical. 

With easy access, a large truck court, and easy back-in and exit for trucks, they can efficiently and effective bring product in and send it out without delay.

Certified with an “Excellent” rating by Scientific Certification Systems, an independent third party food safety auditor. 

With FDA and Florida approval as a food safety facility, Flora Logistics handles food products for some of the largest retailers and food providers in the United States. 

They comply with the requirements of the some of the most rigid food service companies in the world and any new and developing legislation.

Flora Logistics Advantages 

  • 210,000 square feet (8.3 million cubic feet) of temperature controlled space
  • 57,000 square feet (1.7 million cubic feet) of “dry” cargo space
  • No temperature or humidity fluctuation or inconsistency
  • Staging capacity for up to 50 trucks
  • Capacity to load over 1200 trucks daily
  • Separately controlled temperature and humidity zones
  • Ample parking  for tractor trailers with overnight “hook-up”
  • On-site office space for you, with internet, conference rooms,  and other amenities as you may require
  • Large truck court for easy truck entry and exit
  • Convenient location
  • Pre-coolers and hydro-cooler
  • Restricted access, monitored and electronic entry, providing extra security for your products
  • Food Safety Certified with an “Excellent” rating and FDA approval
  • Mass market handling: serving the large-scale needs of national retail and supermarket chains
  • Airfreight/Ocean freight: using a variety of carriers to benefit customers with the best schedules at the best prices
  • Customs Clearance:  providing clearance of customers’ cargo through Customs
  • Trucking: working with outsourced professional trucking companies and serving as licensed freight broker
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspections: passing Plant Protection & Quarantine(PPQ) inspections for customers’ agricultural products
  • TSA approved

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