Forward Logistics

Forward Logistics

About Forward Logistics

Your business is unique.  Each of your shipments is one-of-a-kind.  Find out how we can help with streamlining your everyday transportation needs and optimizing your supply chain.  

At Forward Logistics, it is our mission to make a positive difference.  We always explore where the potential exists in the transportation industry for a meaningful reform. We don’t only deliver the best solution for your everyday transportation needs, we are inviting you to a community fully supported by our highly efficient and experienced transportation professionals. 

However you’d like to scale your business and import/ export FCL volume in Oakland or Southern California, we have your back. 

Forward Logistics customized reports and updates come in formats and intervals that best fit your planning needs. 

Conveniently located near San Francisco International Airport and most ocean CFS in the Bay Area, our location advantage is yours. From dedicated sprinter, liftgate bobtail, to full trailer delivery; our fleet is built to scale with your business needs.    

Forward Logistics Advantages

  • As a U.S. Customs bonded carrier, we are licensed transporter to facilitate the flow of your in-bond shipments through U.S. ports of entry so they will make it to the bonded warehouse more quickly and efficiently.   
  • Regardless of your shipment size and weight, our fleet of special equipment (flatbed, drop deck, tri-axle chassis, combo chassis, and lightweight chassis, etc.) will maneuver your freight to the final destination safe and sound.
  • Our knowledge and experience in warehousing and inventory management equip us to provide the most efficient deconsolidation & transloading solution that suits your turnover requirement.
  • Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is built in with EDI connectivity that enables constant visibility and system communication on real-time shipment information and status. 

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