Fracht Express

Fracht Express

About Fracht Express

Fracht Express Inc is a privet owned company with corporate headquarter located in Wood Dale next to O’Hare airport. We are dedicated to provide the best service at the lowest possible cost.
We feel that quality service to the customer is essentially required to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

With this in mind, great care and effort has been put in to ensure that all facilities are in place to enable us to extend the highest quality of service to our customers. As a service provider, we see ourselves as a partner who is responsible for the planning & optimum flow of the cargo logistics chain.

We have a strong agent network, covering more than 100 countries across the globe.
Our mission is to provide package of integrated transportation and logistic services in professional way, based on distinction in execution, taking in consideration strict compliance with local and international standards applicable in transportation and logistic sector, aiming to win the trust, continuous satisfaction of our customers and build a distinctive commercial name.

Fracht Express advantages

Whether Import or Export, by air, sea, road, or international courier, Fracht Express Inc provide a wide range of services, both express and economy, personally tailored to whatever needs you have. We will find out the fastest, safest and most cost-effective transport and logistic solutions.

With our air and ocean freight solutions, we maximize the scope of your international sales and distribution efforts. Our air and sea freight experts advise you and successfully carry out your international transport operations.

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